KIDS ON M • • • CAST 007 - Liam O’Niel [CSIE/STROBE SOBER]

July 5, 2017

Late but not so Late. We have finally added another podcast, This time with someone who has a lot of similar values I have just coming from being a promoter in the all ages punk scene. Liam O'Niel started the Calgary School of Informal Education,  A school that teaches people who want to learn about things in life - Whether science, math, psychology or physics - by someone passionate about the subject. He also started (almost ended) something that I (John Arum) have a lot of passion for which is Strobe Sober FKA Club Soda. We had a nice talk about our views in the music scene, why he started what he started and what he was about!


KIDS ON M • • • CAST 006 - Casey “Rusty Meeks” [Substation Records/Noir YYC]

May 21, 2017


new podcast

substation human Casey Rusty meeks

I met him in 2012 and I got the privilege of seeing a DJ test out their beats and seeing it work on the dancefloor in 2012. He also helped me through mixing and a ton of stuff. 

He started subsation recordings as a dubstep label and in 2013/2014 it turned into a western electronic dance music label with the help of Isis Graham and into something bigger than ever. Now he does nights at Hifi and Habitat in support and plays tons of festivals including his longest running festival attendance Motion Notion.


We jjust goofed around in this podcast!


KIDS ON M • • • CAST 005 - Michael Hill [Michael 8/Septembryo]

April 29, 2017

hello all we are back from a  little hiatus. Maybe not in podcast but in overall Modest Kids form we took a much needed break for regathering and reshaping direction. Not going to get far into that because I have a guest whom I cherish. I (JHNN) met his drummer for his band Septembryo back in 2012 and got the priviliege of remixing an old song titled "The New Me". We also got a chance to hear him and actually favoured his podcast on Petrocast from our good friends Ancient Highways back when they were doing their shortlived podcast. The frontman and overall multiinstrumentalist came by and talked about UFOS, The significance of instagram in relations to fans and his very own comic book series.


I love this man and he left me with one big quote i will never forget. 
"You can't just be flying planes"

Just take a listen to understand the context


KIDS ON M • • • CAST 004 - Marisha “Lotus Queen” Ess [CJSW/Come Correct]

January 30, 2017

This girl is one of my favourite peoples on the planet. I just always enjoyed talking to her about music and weird stuff like Cats and you know. but I GUESS I SHOULD MENTION...just to be a good host....THAT she is a DJ of the style of music called DRUM N BASS, Host  a show on CJSW called "Remote Emissions" on friday's at 11pm for an hour, was a key part of Girls on Decks, Drumn n Bass crew Come Correct and has been apart of the CJSW team since 1996!! I consider her one of my favourite friends I have met in the past 3 years and I have had a blast showing up to CJSW just to hang out and chat with Marisha. We actually recorded this at CJSW 30 minutes before her show but we will DEFINITELY have her back in the future. For now here's 20 minutes of Ms. LOTUS QUEEN! old rave stories, ska and rock talks and ETC. 


KIDS ON M • • • CAST 003 - LOGAN CAMERON [Late Nite at The Plaza]

November 19, 2016

I met this Guy on a Random night out on town with Alberta Music. Twas quite a crazy adventure and we just had fun times talking about acting, comedy and he showed me a couple videos on this night out. I have always wanted to have a talk with this guy and it was nice that we got some information out About Late Night At The Plaza. We talked about Racism, Comedians, KUSH, weed and Smokey the homeless intruder of the plaza

This dude actually used to be an independent artist but decided to act and do something amazing (Running the Late Night at The Plaza in Kensington) after a near death experience. 


I hope every body tuned into this podcast. 


KIDS ON M • • • CAST 002 - Soulier

October 23, 2016

Check out to here more music from him...sorry i didnt add any music to this one I am kind of doing it last minute.

But basically Soulier  aka RYAN HALL has been an Electronic Artist based in Calgary (originally from Saskatoon) that has happened to have been granted tour across China, has his first album Expansions featured in websites such as Ride the tempo and Beatroute Magazine. He has also earned the very first YYCmusic award as well as a breakout west award. 

This is all in the span of 5 years as well as working for the city of calgary (cause you know artist dont make money). 

Hes getting ready to realease another album and hes talking to me. He is one of my favourite producers in Calgary and he also has a great live show! Check out our talk about me plugging Studio social, His tour in China and gear and other stuff!!


September 1, 2016

Welcome to the First Podcast
The first guest were Ancient Highways.

If you guys want to know what this is about. It is more about connecting the Electronic Music and the Indie Rock Music in Calgary or even in Alberta.

Ancient Highways were a big part of my (JHNN'S album) "HypoCRT 1.m4a" Having Robert Strachan sitting through me having 11 panic attacks of that process...They also used to be the "Petrocast Podcast" host and decided to get married and start a blues band incorporating new electronic synthy sounds.