KIDS ON M • • • CAST 002 - Soulier

October 23, 2016

Check out to here more music from him...sorry i didnt add any music to this one I am kind of doing it last minute.

But basically Soulier  aka RYAN HALL has been an Electronic Artist based in Calgary (originally from Saskatoon) that has happened to have been granted tour across China, has his first album Expansions featured in websites such as Ride the tempo and Beatroute Magazine. He has also earned the very first YYCmusic award as well as a breakout west award. 

This is all in the span of 5 years as well as working for the city of calgary (cause you know artist dont make money). 

Hes getting ready to realease another album and hes talking to me. He is one of my favourite producers in Calgary and he also has a great live show! Check out our talk about me plugging Studio social, His tour in China and gear and other stuff!!

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