KIDS ON M • • • CAST 004 - Marisha “Lotus Queen” Ess [CJSW/Come Correct]

January 30, 2017

This girl is one of my favourite peoples on the planet. I just always enjoyed talking to her about music and weird stuff like Cats and you know. but I GUESS I SHOULD MENTION...just to be a good host....THAT she is a DJ of the style of music called DRUM N BASS, Host  a show on CJSW called "Remote Emissions" on friday's at 11pm for an hour, was a key part of Girls on Decks, Drumn n Bass crew Come Correct and has been apart of the CJSW team since 1996!! I consider her one of my favourite friends I have met in the past 3 years and I have had a blast showing up to CJSW just to hang out and chat with Marisha. We actually recorded this at CJSW 30 minutes before her show but we will DEFINITELY have her back in the future. For now here's 20 minutes of Ms. LOTUS QUEEN! old rave stories, ska and rock talks and ETC. 


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