KIDS ON M • • • CAST 005 - Michael Hill [Michael 8/Septembryo]

April 29, 2017

hello all we are back from a  little hiatus. Maybe not in podcast but in overall Modest Kids form we took a much needed break for regathering and reshaping direction. Not going to get far into that because I have a guest whom I cherish. I (JHNN) met his drummer for his band Septembryo back in 2012 and got the priviliege of remixing an old song titled "The New Me". We also got a chance to hear him and actually favoured his podcast on Petrocast from our good friends Ancient Highways back when they were doing their shortlived podcast. The frontman and overall multiinstrumentalist came by and talked about UFOS, The significance of instagram in relations to fans and his very own comic book series.


I love this man and he left me with one big quote i will never forget. 
"You can't just be flying planes"

Just take a listen to understand the context


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